Salty Sweet w/ Everything Around Me

by Trace Mountains

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these are the first official recordings from trace mountains. affiliated projects include spook houses and lvl up. in some places trace mountains is synonymous with scooter, ton-mon or davey b and the time machine.


to see physical release eventually.


released April 30, 2013

drum kit, nylon gtr, casio sk-1, singing saw and voice
fostex x-18 and computer

photograph taken by alex howard
recorded/mixed by trace mountains
mastered by mike ditrio



all rights reserved


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DDW Harrison, New York


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Track Name: salty/sweet
to fill this black river
to float on in disguise
i don't know those guys
i guess i'm the boring type
but the truth is that i can't dig it

when everyone i meet is the same asshole i met last week
i've noticed i don't dream even thunderstorms or pretty things
it's just tape deck hiss and trampolines
cindy skips my mountain peak and i must sing for her return to somewhere sweet and clean and tell her what i mean

cook something salty/sweet
a familiar taste in the library

leaky nose and swingy hips
heavy breathing gives me chapped lips
cindy won't you stay a while?
i'll dig you up computer piles
cook dinner and try to make you smile
but there is nothing about me now, no mountain peak no hidden lake

no secrets 2 mistake
Track Name: everything around me
before waking but just too soon to see it
i dreamt colorful socks, the pants i bought
i felt clean but now i am dirty
wake up or go to sleep feels the same to me

i don't think about the old days
like i used to when i
crawled right in
buried myself deep within

now i've got new socks

and i'm holding myself in
where i'm told it does begin
to feel like something all too often

and so i sing to forget
i sing to hold my breath
to feel the thumping in my chest

to lay ruin everything around me
there is nothing in between
only saying what you mean
Track Name: i am extra-natural
'i feel insane when you get in my bed'
is something sweet that the silver jews said
i think about you and i turn blue, dragging my dirty shoes
cindy skips my trampoline and then i lose
that's what i think about when i hear the silver jews

but i keep trying to lose

i don't want to be the one to bring you down to be no fun
rhode island in the sun
what is left in new jersey but my family and my job?
just me and my dog

you're an easy sweetheart so i'll keep trying to lose